Monaco E-Prix

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7th Monaco E-Prix 2024: Saturday April 27, 2024

The Formula E championship is an automobile competition, organized by the FIA, featuring only 100% electric race car. The first E Grand Prix took place in Beijing in September 2014.

With the Fanboost, or Fan Experience, the FIA connects spectators by giving them the opportunity to influence the race. By voting for their favorite driver through the official Formula E website or on social media, they can give him extra power that can be used for 5 seconds during the second half of the race.

In addition to the Formula 1 Grand Prix every year and the Historic Grand Prix in even years, the Monaco circuit has been offering the E-Prix in odd years since May 2015.

You can attend the Monaco E-Grand Prix from a VIP terrace or from the stands.

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Details of the circuit

  • Number of laps : 51
  • Length of the circuit : 1.765 km (1.097 mi)
  • Total distance : 90.015 km (55.947 mi)
Monaco E-Prix Circuit

Program Saturday April 27, 2024

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